Enterprise Asset Management: EAM solutions help clients achieve greater efficiency in managing their asset at multiple sites on a single platform. Enterprise Asset Management solution helps clients to optimize their maintenance operation and aid in maintaining the operating cost. IBM Maximo provides total control in  plant and equipment operation and maintenance.

Enterprise Resource Planning: Mivasoft™ helps clients select the best ERP solution based on their specific requirements. We offer clients to optimize Enterprise Resource Planning processes to help them manage their resources and budgets and improvement in their business performance. We also offer the latest technological expertise in the area of cloud and Mobile computing. 

Integration: In today’s enterprise infrastructure integration is a key component. Companies are selecting multiple systems for specific domain needs. We ha ve expertise in building and managing integrations with different system. IBM Maximo has a built in integration framework i.e. Maximo Integration Framework which can easily integrate with external systems.

Supply Chain Management: IBM Maximo has the capability to optimize the inventory level and reduce unwanted inventory level. Maximo’s mobile inventory functionality allows users to execute the operation while they are in the field. With Maximo mobility users can perform the following transactions.

  • Physical counts
  • Issuing inventory
  • Receiving and Returning items
  • Transferring the location of items

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