Welcome to Mivasoft™!

Mivasoft™ is a consulting and product development company which prides itself in providing
services in a unique fashion. Unlike big consulting firms (most of whom are publicly listed) whose
primary goal is to increase share-holder value, Mivasoft™ strives to deliver value to only two
stakeholders – our clients and our consultants.

We believe in growing organically. What this means is that we choose our partners carefully –
partners who take professional pride in their work. Our vision does not include growing at breakneck
speed, but rather growing our reputation. We make sure our clients never get a chance to question
the quality of our work. In fact, we proactively engage our clients to find where we can improve
our services. With every consultant having over fifteen years of industry experience, we can
confidently say we know what we are doing.

To get an idea of depth of experience, please see Our Expertise page.